Name: David A. Pittaway

Bio: After a decade and a half of studying and teaching in traditionally academic realms (both in South Africa and the UK), David began to experiment with a rustic permaculture lifestyle in an attempt to tread more gently on what increasingly appears to be a planet wounded by various human attitudes and practices. He continued to teach part-time at the Nelson Mandela University, simultaneously completing a philosophical PhD study at the University of the Free State on a range of factors relevant to the broad topic of the ecological crisis. David is currently a National Research Foundation Post-doctorate fellow working under the banner of Identities and Social Cohesion in Africa.   

Topic: The focus is on publishing a range of articles that offer perspective and insight on the broad topic of identities and social cohesion. Titles of articles submitted to date are: To Learn Healing Knowledge - Philosophy, Psychedelic Studies and Transformation; Placing the Ecological Crisis in a Broader Context: The Orphic and the Promethean; Ecocentrism in Practice: A Search for Nodes on Humanity’s Immune System; A Philosophical Situation: Democratic Capitalism, the Ecological Crisis, and the Issue of Choice; The looming and booming medical and recreational cannabis industry: socio-economic and ecological implications for SA; and, Know thy systemic enemies: mechanisms that prevent social transformation. Articles currently being worked on are: Zizek and Badiou on Philosophy and the challenge to see beyond historically constituted humanity; Five philosophical tools for the promotion of socially cohesive attitudes; and, The principle of charitable interpretation and the veil of ignorance: defusing outrage culture.