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The Tributaries Project was initiated in 2019 by the Arts Faculty SARChI Chair in Identities and Social Cohesion in Africa (ISCIA) in conjunction with the Nelson Mandela University Visual Arts Department. The purpose of The Tributaries Project is to promote cross-disciplinary co-operative engagement and creative activity in order to help participants understand, and find creative ways to address, social and environmental problems /challenges. The emphasis is on the connections between ecological and social problems, which should be addressed together.  

Focussing on water as a universal ecological and social problem, The Tributaries Project included (along with a sea-t-source pilgrimage and an end of year exhibition) a seminar series: hosted by ISCIA in conjunction with the Department of Visual Arts. The aim was to create and maintain a heterotopic space of engagement where art meets philosophy meets science about water. 20 diverse presentations were hosted and seminar participants are encouraged to create individual or collaborative works in the form of recognised creative or academic outputs, and to engage in environmental and social activism.

Presentations in the The Tributaries Project Seminar Series

  Date Title
1 15 Feb, 2019 Andrea Hurst (ISCIA Chair): “Introduction to the project and open discussion, including the question of naming it”.
2 22 Feb, 2019 Nomtha Menye (MA Sociology, Nelson Mandela University): “The spiritual significance of water amongst Xhosa’s in the rural Eastern Cape.”
3 01 Mar, 2019 Gary Koekemoer (ISCIA PhD, Nelson Mandela University, WESSA): “Algoa Bay - complexity on our doorstep”?
4 08 Mar, 2019 Mary Duker (Prof Visual Arts, Nelson Mandela University): ‘“There’s no water coming out of my TAP!’: Suburban water narratives”.
5 29 Mar, 2019 Sea-to-Source Group 1 Pilgrims: “Reflections on our ‘Sea-to-Source’ Pilgrimage”.
6 05 Apr, 2019 Sibu Nhlangwini (HONS Graphic Design, Nelson Mandela Uni): “[I]MP[ACT]- I act in order to make an impact”.
7 12 April, 2019 Luan Staphorst (CRISHET Researcher, MA Languages, Nelson Mandela University Choir Chairperson): “water-y likeness: the un-common archetype in poetry and song”
8 26 April, 2019 Luke Rudman (Student, Visual Arts, Nelson Mandela University): ‘“Beauty and the Beast’: Performance art against plastic pollution”.
9 03 May, 2019 Gary Koekemoer (ISCIA PhD, Nelson Mandela University, WESSA): “Water Conflicts in the Bay”.
10 10 May, 2019 Vulindlela Nyoni (Prof, Visual Arts, Nelson Mandela University): “Bodies in Flow: A brief reflection on cross border movement between South Africa and Zimbabwe”
11 24 May, 2019 Nehemiah Latolla (HONS Chemistry, Nelson Mandela University): “The Meeting Place (Science/Fashion/Poetry and Water)” 
12 31 May, 2019 Grettel Osorio (HONS Visual Art, Nelson Mandela University): “Landscape/Water” 
13 2 Aug, 2019 Sea-to-Source Group 2 Pilgrims: Reflections on our “Sea-to-Source” Pilgrimage
14 16 Aug, 2019 Glenn Holtzman (Music, Mandela University): “Saturated sounds: making water music”
15 04 Oct, 2019 Sea-to-Source Group 3 Pilgrims: Reflections on our “Sea-to-Source” Pilgrimage. Film by Gareth Wiliams.
16 11 Oct, 2019 Belinda Du Plooy (Engagement, NMU): “Sheroes of the Sea: Critical and public pedagogy of oceanic youthful female leadership” 
17 18 Oct, 2019 Danai Tembo (PhD Development Studies, CMR) “Sustainable Fisheries: Bridging the gap between legislation and implementation.”
18 25 Oct, 2019 Luan Staphorst (CHRISHET Researcher, MA Languages) Repeat of Poetry Workshop.
19 01 Nov, 2019 Gletwyn Rubidge (Chemistry, NMU). “Developing and optimising the mammalian dive reflex”.
20 07 Nov, 2019 Ian Buchanan – (Visiting Professor – Univeristy of Wollongong) “The Ethics of Eating Fish”